Your Comfort Zone Is Your Enemy – Khan Porter

You must get out of your comfort zone – if you want to achieve anything of significance or GROW as a human being.

Your Comfort Zone Is Your Enemy – Khan Porter – Transcript

People’s inability to deal with discomfort is one of the biggest setbacks for the majority of the population.

As a society we’re conditioned to seek comfort. We want to be in a comfortable car, we want to live in a comfortable house, we want comfortable clothes, we want a comfortable bed, we want a comfortable income,

People don’t… we’re so told that that is the kind of benchmark for how to live our lives (in comfort) that as soon as discomfort arises… we just fall.

And if you watch it you can see it when someone has that ability to kind of deal with discomfort and when they draw back.

By discomfort, I don’t just mean physical pain, I mean that kind of emotional and mental setback.

There are so many people that you see as soon as.. you know, maybe they set themselves a goal that’s a little bit too ambitious and they’re not quite gonna hit that goal
and you just watch them come up with excuses, or stray their path, or change their goal… they kind of deviate away from it.

That’s discomfort. Not reaching what you set out to reach. Not reaching your goals. That’s a form of emotional and mental discomfort. Whether you can deal with that and then keep pushing through… that’s what sets people apart.

And I think that, yes, I’ve just my whole life been so ok with being uncomfortable, that that’s something that’s really kind of carried over into I guess any success that I have had.

If you’ve got a goal and you think you know why you want to reach that goal, your power behind how badly you want to reach that goal has to match the difficulty of the goal.

To really understand why you want something as well takes really deep levels of introspection.

On the surface you might think it’s a noble pursuit, but it may be because you want fame and fortune. If you want it that bad let that be a driving force but you’ve got to have that self awareness that understanding of yourself to be honest enough to get to that kind of based base reason why you want something, or it’s gonna be to hard to stay the course.

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