Secrets to Success: 4 Top Tricks Revealed by CEOs

Ever caught yourself envying successful CEOs who have acquired millions of dollars? Have you been staying awake at nights for hours, wondering about the secret to success? Whether you’re running a small business or a multi-national corporation, a combination of wise investments, entrepreneurial ventures and effective time management techniques can help you stay on top of your productivity game. Well think no more, here are a few simple tricks all successful entrepreneurs have mastered to constantly improve themselves and maximize their productivity.

1. Plan Ahead

The earlier you start planning, the better.  It is always well to remember that there is no shortcut. When it comes to strengthening your firm, be patient, cautious but ambitious. Study different investment strategies and conclude what suits your cause better, because wise investments can go a long way to help you build a successful empire of your own. Remember the earlier you start investing, the more money you will make over time. This is a phenomenon known as compound interest. If you’re just starting out your wealth building career, top CEOs suggest you start saving and invest immediately to take full advantage of the miracle of compound interest.

2. Manage Your Energy, not Just Time

CEOs stress that managing your energy can actually be more effective than to just manage your time. Optimize your workday by doing your most concentration-intensive tasks during the peak hours when your energy levels are at their highest. Meetings and other tedious tasks, on the other hand, are something you can schedule later in the evenings when your mind is restful so you may ponder over ideas and suggestions. If you are not sure what your peak hours are, try energy mapping to find out and make the most of your day! Keep in mind that over exerting yourself can lead to more damage than good.


3. Don’t Fall into debt

Debt is like quicksand. Once you fall in debt, there’s hardly a way out. It will eventually drag you down with it. Over exerting your credit card and paying the debt off slowly is going to kill your potential to save over time. Therefore avoid unnecessary purchases and stop your debts from festering. Studies show that average annual interest rates on credit cards are now more than 15 percent, this way most people end up paying ludicrous amounts of interest, far higher than their original Principle which stands as their main barrier when it comes to saving. But don’t confuse senseless debts with loans, Know which loans will benefit you in the long run. Business loans, i,e, loans that are required to fund the expansion of your business or for taking care of your working capital are rather considered as good loans. This type of loan is considered good because it helps you to further the growth of your company, which in turn multiplies wealth for your business and you.

4. Delegate, Interact and Communicate 

Sometimes when you have too much on your plate, you may get overwhelmed by the feeling that you have to do everything yourself. Delegating, however can lighten that burden and helps you focus on the more important tasks and projects. Remember passing projects off to other members of the team doesn’t mean getting out of work but rather means interacting with your team members and trusting them with the responsibility. This will not only exercise your communication skills but help you identify the specific qualities in others. It is important to be able to identify who can help strengthen your firm, and who will serve as a negative impact. Thus delegation, interaction and communication are the most important fuels for productivity.

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So here are the four amazing tricks and tips to help you on your way to success. Adhere by these simple, yet effective principles, and stick to your goals the best you can, and before long you will find yourself creating a better, more successful and a less stressful life for yourself.

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