Existgreat, Inc. (the “Company”) is a corporation registered in the United States. Herein is the privacy policy of the Company. Every Internet visitor (a “User”) understands and accepts that by using the website of existgreat.com (the “Website”) and the applications, services offered, website content, and special features (collectively the “Services”), the User agrees to the terms and conditions of the Company’s privacy policy.

The Company’s privacy policy concerns the data capture, usage, and permissible disclosures of web visitors’ information that is collected by the Website through various means, such as, but not limited to, 1) When a User registers for the Website by creating a User account; 2) When a User uses the Services, and/or; 3) Through third-party services and/or other websites.
When a User visits the Website and/or uses the Services, they consent to the collection, disclosure, manipulation, storage, transfer, and other uses of information explained in this Privacy Policy.

All information collected by the Company that is identifiable to a specific person (“Personal Information”) is covered by the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy also states how the Company manages Personal Information received from or shared with business partners.
The Company’s Privacy Policy is not applicable to actions by third parties who are not directly under the Company’s control and does not cover their applications, services, and websites. If a User elects to access services, applications, or websites of third parties through the use of the Company’s website, then the User takes full responsibility for what may occur. The User should review the policies of the third parties regarding privacy issues.

Collection of Information
The reason the Company collects information is to improve and personalize the experience of the Users, as well as to operate the Company’s Services more effectively. In its efforts to provide the Services, the Company may collect, display, and/or request Personal Information of Users.

Here are the types of data collected from Users:
• Information needed to establish an account – This includes an email address, username, and a password. By creating an account, a User allows the Company and possibly others to identify them.
• Facebook information – When a User accesses the Services using Facebook credentials, the Company automatically collects the User’s name, email address, and photo. The Company makes use of all the information provided by Facebook that is authorized by the User, when setting preferences, under the privacy policy of Facebook. The contact information of the Users is used to send important information about the Company’s Services. Users have the option to opt-out of receiving these emails by changing the User Account Settings. The Company reserves the right to maintain email contact for critical issues, such as account recovery.
• User Comments and Content Contributed – Some of the Services allow User comments or content contributions. These may be kept by the Company for an indefinite period, even if the User account is canceled. Such content may be disclosed to third parties in ways that do not reveal any Personal Information.
• Automatic Collection of IP Address and Cookies – The web browser of a User automatically sends information about the User’s IP address and cookies. The Company uses this information to fight malware and spam. The information is also collected so that the Company better understands Users interaction with the Services.
• General Automatic Data Collection – Information is automatically collected in an aggregate form about the use of the Services, such as the frequency of web visitors and the numbers of Users. This aggregate data does not have any Personal Information included. The collection of this data is for statistical purposes. It is used by the Company and authorized third parties to help improve the Services.
• Emails – When a User opens an email from the Company, the Company may receive a confirmation. This helps improve customer service.
• Cookies – Cookies are small pieces of code that a web browser provides when a User visits a website. The User’s browser keeps these cookies. Each website will have a different cookie. The Company uses cookies to learn how Users visit the Website and use the Services. Cookies do not contain Personal Information. The Company does not combine the information from the cookies with other Personal Information to learn who a User is. The Company uses cookies to identify a particular browser, not a person. The cookies tell the Company if that browser visited the Website before and what Services were used. The Company may associate this information with a registered User’s account. Cookies may be disabled fully or partially in browsers to prevent the browser from accepting them. The recommendation is to leave cookies enabled in order to be able to use the best features of the Services that depend on cookies to enhance the User experience. The Company is not responsible for the use of cookies by third parties on their websites. Users who link to other websites by using the Company’s Services are solely responsible for the use of cookies on those unrelated third party websites.
• Advertising – The Company uses advertising revenues to support the Services. The Company may directly display advertisements on its web pages and/or display targeted ads provided by third party ad networks. Advertisements may target a type of User with a certain profile, based on Personal Information made anonymous. For example, the company may provide third parties, who wish to advertise on the Company’s website, the User’s gender and age, but not name. Other information used for targeted advertisements is the User’s pattern of accessing the Services or third party content. Personal Information is not provided to any third party ad networks, outside of the Services.
• Web Beacons – The Company may use web beacons to enhance effective delivery of advertisements. A web beacon is a small data file that comes from an ad network and is delivered to the User’s browser when the User accesses the Services. This allows the Company and the ad network to create aggregated research, reporting, and auditing of advertising results. Web beacons allow advertising networks to deliver targeted ads, when Users visit other websites. The User’s browser requests the ads from the advertising networks. This means the advertising network can set, edit, and review the cookies created by the web beacon.
• Information in the Aggregate – This statistical information is about website usage by both registered and non-registered Users. This type of information may derive, in part, from Personal Information, but is made anonymous so that it does not include any Personal Information.

Company Policy About Sharing Information With Third Parties
Some of the Services allow Users to share data with other people; Because of this, some of the information that is given by a User may be shared with third parties or with the public.

Information Automatically Made Public
For users who post content or make comments, these are made public by default. Users who have a registered account may be associated with this public information. Unregistered Users will not have an association with the public information, but cookies may still track an unregistered User’s usage of the Services.

If a User provides Personal Information in order to access the Services, the privacy of said information is controlled by the settings of a particular Service, which may allow the information to be made public. This information may be disclosed to unrelated third parties that are not under Company control. This information may be scanned and then indexed by search engines. Users are cautioned to exercise care in what Personal Information they submit when using the Services.

Information About IP Addresses
The Company collects and stores the IP addresses of its website Users. On occasion, the Company may share this information with its business partners and service providers.

While the Company does collect and store IP address information, that information is not made public. However, the Company does occasionally share this information with the Company’s partners, service providers, and other persons with whom it conducts business, and as otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy.

Information Given by Users to Third Parties
It is possible for Users to link to third parties through the Services. The Company is not responsible for the policies and procedures regarding privacy on third-party websites. The User is solely responsible for learning the privacy policy of third-party websites. The Company’s Privacy Policy only pertains to the Company’s Services.

Information in the Aggregate
Aggregate data is used for statistical purposes. The Company may share this data with third parties, business partners, and/or service providers. This data is useful to understand how Users interact with the Services so that they can be improved. Third parties may share aggregate data with the Company about Users that they acquire independently.

Communication by Email
The Company uses email communication to support the Services. Occasional emails are sent to Users about important issues, like password recovery and website policy changes. The Company also sends emails about the products of its marketing partners.

User Profile Information
User profile information, including a username and other entered information, may be displayed to other Users in order to facilitate User interaction within the Services. The Company will not directly reveal User email addresses to other Users. Users have the option to unsubscribe to emails sent by the Company, except for emails that are of critical importance.

The Company Shares Information with Agents
The Company contracts with persons and other companies (inclusively called “Agents”) to do work on behalf of the Company. The Company may provide Personal Information about its Users to these Agents, in order to provide Services to Users. Agents are not permitted to use Personal Information beyond the scope of helping the Company’s Users in a pre-determined way. Users give their consent for this by using the Services.

Privacy Policy Remains Intact for Business Transfers
User information may be a business asset that is transferred to other parties if the Company is sold or goes bankrupt. Users agree that such transfers may occur and expressly permit the acquirers of the Company’s assets to continue to use Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Legally and Technically Required Disclosures
The Company has the right to read, store, maintain, and disclose information that meets the following criteria:
1. Information required to be disclosed by law, regulations, court order, and/or a government request
2. Information needed to enforce the Terms of Service and in the investigation of violations
3. Information needed to prevent or detect fraud
4. Information regarding technical and/or security concerns
5. Information needed to support Users’ requests for help
6. Information that protects the Company, Users, property, safety, and the public.
7. Exchange of information with third parties for protection from fraud and prevention of spam or malware.

Consent Required to Share Personal Information
Except as described above, Users receive a notification requesting permission to share Personal Information with third parties. Users have the right to deny such requests.

Security of Personal Information
Protection of Personal Information uses a password for security. Users should prevent unauthorized access to an Account by creating a strong password and protecting it. Users should sign off after accessing an Account.
The Company uses security measures that are industry standards to protect Personal Information. The Company does not guarantee to protect the security of the information. System failures and security breaches may compromise the secured storage of Personal Information. The Company makes no warranty, express or implied, that its security measures will prevent access to Personal Information that is not authorized.

Information Available to Users
A registered User is able to access account information by logging on and using the Services. Both unregistered and registered Users have control over the use of cookies through browsers settings that restrict their use or delete them.

California Privacy Rights: Under the California Civil Code 1798.83-1798.84, California residents are entitled to ask the Company for a notice that explains what Personal Information the Company shares with business partners and third parties who are marketing partners, plus the contact information for them. California residents who want a copy of this notice, please send an email to contact@existgreat.com with the subject line – California Privacy Rights Notice Request.

Account Deletion
Please email the Company at contact@existgreat.com to request account deletion. After deletion, all private information associated with the Account will no longer be accessible. However, any public posting of comments or public contribution of content will remain available to the public.

Information Choices
Many of the Company’s Website features and Services are usable without registration. Less information is collected about unregistered Users.
Users may opt-out of information disclosure, but will experience a limitation in Services. Accounts may be deleted by email request of the authorized person at any time.

Privacy Policy Changes
The Company may change the Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. Information may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy that was in effect when the information was collected. Changes in the Privacy Policy are announced publicly in the Services and emails are sent out to all registered Users. A User automatically accepts the new Privacy Policy by using the Services after the policy changes.

Questions and Concerns
For Privacy Policy questions, please contact the Company at contact@existgreat.com by sending a detailed email about any concerns.

Privacy Policy Changes
The Company may change the Privacy Policy at any time, without notice. Information may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy that was in effect when the information was collected. Changes in the Privacy Policy are announced publicly in the Services and emails are sent out to all registered Users. A User automatically accepts the new Privacy Policy by using the Services after the policy changes.

Questions and Concerns
For Privacy Policy questions, please contact the Company at contact@existgreat.com by sending a detailed email about any concerns.

[Last updated January 5, 2018]