Dating While Unemployed

Let’s assume your life played out like mine…

You see a girl from across the room. She’s perfect. When your eyes meet, you can feel your heart skip a beat. She’s the ever elusive One, you just know it. 

You decide to take a chance and ask her out. She says “yes”…success!

But as soon as you part ways, reality sets in like a 90’s romantic comedy with plenty of cliches and one big plot twist…

You’re unemployed.

Dating while unemployed. A cruel joke, right?

Not necessarily. It may seem impossible, but spending little to NO money on a date is possible (yes, you can spend 0 dollars — $0.00 — nothing on a date). I would know because I’ve done it myself.

All it requires a basic understanding of your companion — the Cliffnotes version on their likes and dislikes is all you need to get the ball rolling. And of course… a little creativity. Here’s how:

Friends, Family and Associates

Use the people who already care about you to aid in your conquest. I asked my friends, family, and everyone in between what was happening on the night of my date. I knew any place with a noisy atmosphere would impede our conversation, so no movies, concerts, or bars with a dedicated following of patrons.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to make plans for a library trip. I found a casual bar off the beaten path with cheap drinks and lots of personality. Arrive earlier than your date, chat up the barkeep and ask about specials. If you’re lucky, he’ll add a little extra alcohol, which will make that first drink last a whole lot longer.

Daytime dates could benefit from a restaurant with an all day happy hour. If drinking isn’t your thing — even better! Skipping the alcohol means you can go the completely free route. Think of museums, art exhibits, special events, open/casual concerts (you know, the kind they do in a park during summer) as your ‘free’ friends.

Speaking of, don’t be afraid to reach out to your social network. Maybe your close friend is featured in an art gallery, and the grand opening event is tonight. Maybe he’s got a gig at that trendy music club downtown. Whatever the case, your friend can probably score a couple of passes for you and yours. Best of all: many events like these have open bar and free hors d’oeuvres. Score!

Any option that doesn’t require theft or the opening of your wallet is a good option. However, you will need one key thing to make it all go well.

Be the Authority

Truly saving money without seeming cheap requires preparation and research.

Google is your best friend. With Google, you can become a local expert. Seriously. Before any date, I Googled everything: when to go, what to eat, how much it’ll cost, where to check out, etc.

I memorized a shortlist of potential options: restaurants that had great happy hour prices, menus under $10, killer drink specials, etc…plus free events happening in the area on that particular night. The fact that I knew local places and was able to suggest items without looking at a menu impressed my dates. Women love to see your resourcefulness.

And don’t forget about food trucks! The hipster trend has finally caught on everywhere — you can find a food truck set up outside of just about any major bar or club. I even planned all locations to be within walking distance of each other.

If your date has any qualms about walking a block or two, then maybe you should continue the night alone. Going out for a ‘traditional’ dinner (no happy hour, etc) out is going to cost you a pretty penny in most cases.

Embrace Non-Traditional Options

Take a chance and invite your date to dinner at a friend’s house. Best part about this option is that you can get away with not bringing anything, and showing up with a plus one. Remember:

Friends will not let friends go hungry.

Another option: turn your date into a “Never have I ever…” game:

I’ve never eaten a cronut.

I’ve never seen the Empire State Building.

I wish I could drive down Sunset Boulevard with the windows down and the music as high as it can go.

Tell your date something that you’ve never eaten, seen, or done, and they will immediately try to pop your cherry. If you keep your dream within reason, anyone will be happy to facilitate the experience. You get a great memory and it only costs you a little time. The fact that money is tight and you have a bunch of free time should propel you into a new job situation anyway.

Dating gets the job done

Every minute you spend out is an opportunity to network with others. Essentially, going out on dates is like job hunting in real time.

I met loads of interesting individuals doing exciting stuff with their lives. A person who has a great job will tell you all about what makes it so great… and usually, they’ll be more than happy to lend a hand if your qualifications fit the mold.

In the end, dating can actually make you money (so long as you’re not spending a bunch in order to do it). A bartender might offer you a job. Another couple you run into at that free concert might have the perfect opportunity for you. Who knows, your date might even be kind enough to pay for the entire evening. Heck, I actually opened conversation on a date with, “I just lost my job,” and my date paid for EVERYTHING, and then some.

Simply put: NOT going on a date because you don’t have a job is the WORST thing you can do. 

Don’t let some flimsy, green paper prevent you from enjoying your life. Get out there and date, because you never know — the next person you step out with might be the key to a fresh start and new opportunity.


Originally Written by : Verbal Danger
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