Blogging Your Way To The Top: Proven Tips To Become A Social Media Success

“How do I grow my social media account?” As a new-born visual content creator I get asked this question a lot.

Before we break it down let’s talk about the basics of any type of advertisement and marketing, because with blogging you’re essentially promoting yourself. So to sell a product it needs to be seen. And for it so be seen it needs to be in the masses.

Be active and make yourself heard by interacting and constantly exposing your name to the public eye. Once you have their attention you need to make sure you deliver great content, something that taps in to the consumers needs – preferably on an emotional level – like Apple.Inc.

They have tapped into and harnessed the part of the brain that associates with religion which why their new store location openings are almost like a religious experience. If you haven’t seen one yet look them up on YouTube.


Think of your blog as a company and brand – whether it’s making money yet or not. And brands need to tell great stories. Where is it from? Where is its heritage? Where does it want to take me?

When you build your brand or blogging website make sure the audience knows you and connects with you. Just like we invest in characters in a book or film your audience needs to feel connected to you to follow your journey and tell others about it.

Now, marketing is all about storytelling. In the early days you’d go to the fish market and the vendor would have a sign next to his booth saying “I sell fish”. How marketing evolves is by selling a better product than your competition. So, in effect, the next fish vendor would put up a sign saying I sell fresh fish” and the next one after that would say “I sell the best fresh fish”

The golden rules of marketing a brand are:

  • To have a competitive mind and create value
  • Research your market
  • Decide who your target audience is
  • Tailor your advertising to themThe ultimate goal of branding is to be recognized by your logo alone like Nike, or in the case of visual content creation, like Instagram bloggers, to be recognized by your photos alone. Your style, theme, composition and layout without having to look at which account it actually belongs to.Starbucks built their brand around key American values such as freedom of choice and personal expression so if you’d be dropped blindfolded inside one of their locations – anywhere in the world – you’d instantly know you’re in a Starbuck’s location once the blinds come off.Starbucks locations around the world are also customized to fit and appeal to locals and with that they also lift the brand. The same goes for blogging and targeting a global market.
    So to have long-term success in the social media scene you need to have eyes and ears everywhere and the ability to adapt to each new market and trend and customize.This brings me to my final and most important point on branding: InnovationYou need to constantly reinterpret the brand/blog for a younger or newer audience, market and new trends that fit your niche. That’s how you keep a brand constant. Brands that opt for non-expansion might have the same fate as Levi’s Jeans who went with the 501 model for too long without much else to choose from and today that’s all we remember from their glory days.

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