Existgreat was created with the thought of solving a growing problem in today’s digital media world.

We noticed one too many media publications being built largely for entertainment and short-term stimulation that does nothing but encouraging dependence on external motivation.

We asked ourselves one question: “where is the value that humans so innately need?”

We created Existgreat to provide this need.

Existgreat is built to be an intellectual news platform. We will provide you with the thought-provoking self-help ideas, business tips, life hacks and an endless library of intellect.

Existgreat is crowd-sourced journalism;

Existgreat is independent.

Our writers consist of our very own team of talented editors and experts, combined with our ever-growing community of contributor writers. We give anyone with value to share with the world, a platform to publish their works.

We strive to make your brains tingle with each click.

Daily tips, intellect, expertise, stories, and life hacks. Designed for the modern human. This is self-help made viral and made to change your world.

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