7 Foolproof Ways to a Two Hour Work Day

Returning home from a busy day at work, most of us jump on the couch right away and station ourselves in front of the Television till bedtime. While most of us yearn to get some long-awaited tasks completed, such as writing our first novel, mundane household chores like finishing up the backyard retaining wall, or even spending some quality time with our family, we don’t quite get to do all that. This is mere because, after the long exhausting day at work, most of us view anything other than loitering about feels a rather daunting task.

It is important that we know while a lot of us waste away our precious time procrastinating, we are indirectly piling up more and more work that take even longer to finish up later and thus adding unnecessary stress to our own lives.

How do we avoid that? Well, with a few simple tweaks to your routine, we can buy back several of those precious hours for whatever else we want to do.

1. Be Different! Make a Not-To-Do List

An effective yet simple way to dramatically reconstruct your work schedule is to resort to the ancient practice of writing a ‘to-do’ list on its head. We need to start creating ‘not-to-do’ lists. This is a powerful technique to help eliminate the unimportant things from your life and de-clutter your day.

Most of us are always quick to make a To-Do-List but as usual, we are even quicker to procrastinate them again. Thus comparatively it’s easier to stop ourselves from doing something we planned not to do. In this way, you can start focusing your attention effectively on more pressing matters and free up much more time to spend doing them.

2. Defeat Your Social Networking Addiction

Social networks are the ultimate time-killer. Mindless tweeting, and browsing Facebook news feed for hours are one of the major reasons why most of us never get to doing anything on time. If you’re stuck in the social network vortex, you need to set a strict limit on its usage.

Allot a fixed amount of time for your particular social media. Always remember, social networking is a very serious mental addiction. Whenever you have that urge to log in to see what’s new, stop and think why you joined this social networking site in the first place – to connect with old friends or find people with common interests. Therefore, delete extra people from your friend list, since the more the people, the vaster your news feed. Declutter your friend list and you’ll automatically find yourself spending less time on social networks.

If none of these work strategies work out, deactivate for a while. It can be quite a liberating experience to open your eyes to a life outside the virtual world and embrace another more relaxed way of spending time.

3. Drive Down your Work Hours

A key strategy for drastically reducing your work time is to remember not to bring home maximum workload from the office. It’s extremely crucial to differentiate work hours from the time you spend outside rat-race. Remember though, cutting back time from work doesn’t mean that you have to give up working on something that you genuinely love doing – however we must keep in mind that monetary rewards are much less important when it comes to organizing your daily schedule so you may free up some time.

Instead, I’m talking about eradicating the time spent on things that you don’t much like doing that don’t earn much either. Simply put, when you’re outside your workplace, remember your priorities outside of work.

4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Sort out your priorities. Delegate what still needs to get done but isn’t as important as your priorities. Put your Type A personality on the back burner and see what you can transfer to someone else at work and at home. Again this does not mean you are running away from your work, rather outsource your pile so that you don’t eventually end up with a lot on your plate.

5. Set Strict boundaries to Your Phone Conversations.

If you’re not careful, just one phone call may take away a good whole hour away from your everyday life. It’s often hard to believe but 99% of your calls are pretty non-urgent. Remember, the ultimate aim is to narrow down your work time to just two hours or less per day. Therefore cut back on that idle gossip and chit chat and you’ll see ample of time has been freed up from your daily schedule.

6. Do your chores

One of the simplest strategies that can revolutionize your work day is to make sure that you deal with all of your daily household and administrative tasks ASAP. Nothing is more distracting to the creative frame of human mind than the nagging feeling that you need to pay your electricity bill or do the laundry. Schedule all the simple chores into a half hour batches or so and just work your way through each one as quickly and efficiently as possible.

7. Rethink your Sleeping Habits

A lot of us spend arguably too much time under the glow of our devices in bed at night. You do it. I do it. We

all do it. What we don’t realize is how much the blue light emitted by our devices could be seriously deteriorating our sleeping habits. As a result, we suffer from a decrease in sleep quality, and groggily start our mornings which hinders the whole day consequently.

So follow these few simple, yet effective steps to free up your hectic day and successfully catch up on all the things you just dreamed of doing before!

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