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5 Android Apps That Will Ensure You Organize Your Life in 2018


Working from home means that I am obligated to put my self-motivation and attention span into high gear: two things everybody struggles with; I’m no different.

Luckily, it’s 2018 and you can fake it until you make it by putting the smartphone to the task. Obviously, everyone has different needs, but here’s a system of apps I have used every day for the past year to keep my body and brain in working order. If you’re the kind of person who always has your phone in your hand (and I know you are), one or all of these apps can help you streamline your life, so you can focus on the things that matter most.


I have tried every to-do app on the planet, and ToDoIst is the only one that I have stuck with. With ToDoIst, you can break your life down into projects, set due dates, and subdivide each task into subtasks.

You can even set priorities for each task, and program them to recur if you want. Keep in mind that this app works not only for traditional to-dos but other kinds of lists (like shopping lists) as well.

With the premium version, you get additional perks:

  • The use of labels, task reminders
  • The option to add notes and files to tasks (great for remembering the details of assignments)
  • Productivity tracking, calendar sync, and templates

Premium is only $28.99 per year, but I’ve always found the basic version to be just fine for my needs. Lastly, the app itself is easy to use. It syncs up instantly with the web version, and it’s easy to navigate and simple to use.


HabitBull is great for anybody trying to improve themselves… and that’s all of us. The idea is simple. It’s a weekly chart of goals, and you check off of your goals as you achieve them. HabitBull will provide you with statistics outlining your success “streak”.

For example, the app uses a clear, visual format to show you which days of the week you exercised, giving you the opportunity to discover where you might need work harder.

I even bought the premium version of this one, which was a small one-time fee through Google Play, because I wanted to keep track of a long list of habits. I have found it very helpful.


When my depression was at its worst, being productive was almost impossible. Even small things like brushing my teeth were Herculean tasks, and I would accidentally waste entire days in front of the TV. I was also juggling both school and work. To combat this problem, I started using aTimeLogger to keep track of how I managed my time, so I could allow it more effectively.

I still use it every day it to make sure I get enough sleep, to check my work hours, and to make sure I’m dedicating enough time to housework. Plus, looking at a visual representation of what you’ve accomplished in a day can really make you feel like a champ.

To use aTimeLogger, you only need select one of the custom activities you create, and input when you started the activity and when you stopped. (For example, you can log a “Work” shift that lasted from 9 am to 5 pm.) You can also select an activity in stopwatch mode, and it will log the entry for you when you switch it off. The app has a somewhat simple interface, and it does the job. It will sync across multiple devices, though the web version can be a little buggy.


Keeping track of medication, whether temporary or long-term, can be tricky, and messing it up can have real consequences.

To make sure that you’re taking your medicine correctly, use Dosecast as a reminder. It can be as simple as receiving push notifications for reminders, or you can take advantage of the premium version, which allows you to:

-sync across devices

-keep track of multiple drug administrations, like patches and sprays in addition to pills

-check your dose history and whether you’ve missed any

-set refill alerts and track how many pills you have left

-add contacts for each drug for easy calling or emailing when a refill is needed

Plant Nanny

It’s rare to find a person who truly drinks enough water. Some of us may drink 8 cups of something in a day– like juice or soda– but almost no one hydrates in the recommended fashion. What many of us don’t realize is that dehydration can contribute to fatigue, dry skin, headaches, muscle cramps, bad breath, and food cravings. Not to mention it can become life-threatening if you fall ill.

Just in case that isn’t enough motivation, Plant Nanny is here to help. This award-winning app turns drinking water into a little game: pick a cute plant, and water it every time you drink a cup of water. If you don’t water it enough, it dies! If you do give your plant what it needs to survive, it will level up into a bigger, hardier plant.

Which apps do you find indispensable? Let us know!

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