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3 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Becoming Dull

This is something no one wants to face. You never want to be in the position where you feel as if, there is nothing you can do in your relationship to keep it moving. It happens everyday. Some people wake up and realize, “I just don’t have that spark anymore.” Here are three ways you can tell your relationship is becoming dull, and maybe if you catch them quick enough- you can fix the issue at hand.

  • Everything He or She does Annoys You

Ugh, this is the worst! Most likely in the beginning everything was peaches and cream, and whatever they did in the beginning of your relationship never bothered you. The only reason it never bothered you is because the relationship is still fresh. You are still in the honeymoon phase; everything is magical, and perfect. It only takes one small thing to ruin that honeymoon phase. Whether it is a small argument, or you are just noticing things that they do-that you were blinded to in the beginning. You don’t want to leave the relationship, because it might just be you. You know something is up when everything they do is like nails on a chalkboard: They ask to many questions, they brush their teeth weird, they don’t ask if they can borrow stuff- EVERYTHING.  In this situation, I suggest you take a step back and wonder if there are things that you do that annoy him/her. Do you chew gum loud, do you over exaggerate everything, etc. Then you can ask them, if there is anything you do that is annoying, and how they handle you! You will be surprised what people put up with- when they actually care about you.

  • You Don’t Like The Old Things

You know your relationship is becoming dull when you no longer like the old things, the things that got you guys into the relationship to being with.  The good morning texts, the late night phone calls, and the random “Thank you” flowers. These are all things that made you guys fall for each other, and now they do not mean much too you. Your foundation is where you started, and even though these things do not mean, as much to you as they should- you should always revert back to the “what made me fall for you” moments. It could possibly save your relationship.

  • You Think About Flirting With Other People

Major red flag! If you are thinking about texting other men/women, or catching a coffee with an old ex: it is officially time to speak with your significant other. Venturing outside of your relationship is a key sign that you are lacking something in your relationship. You are either lacking sexual chemistry- or you are lacking some type of feeling. People only cheat, because they are missing something in their relationship. Don’t be that person, find out what you are really missing and actually talk to your significant other, before making a mistake. A huge mistake!

And these are the 3 red flags in any relationship. If you manage to identify with any of these symptoms – oh no. Time to start working things out! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below, I would love to help you out!

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