3 Easy ways to get noticed during a job search

Have you found the perfect job for you? Whether the answer to that is a yes or a no, you are unknowingly preparing for it every day. In fact, you might already possess the skills and qualifications needed to apply. All that’s missing is a chance.

But how will you be able to compete with all the other candidates who have the same qualifications as you?


Want to get noticed and get that job?

In order to stand out and get the job, you will have to know how to separate yourself from the rest of the candidates. Here are some easy ways to get noticed during your job search and allow you to land the position you’ve had your eye on.


3 Easy ways to get noticed during a job search

1.) Get to the point.

Unless unavoidable, try not to start your email with how you found their job opening. Instead, begin by introducing yourself formally. Even if you’re actively searching for jobs, it’s best to reserve that information until you are invited for an interview. Make the first sentences of your email count.

Let the company know your skills and qualifications that would make you a great addition to their team. You need to skip anything irrelevant to the position you want to get noticed for. Focus on writing all that is important to the people who wish to hire you.

Keep in mind that they are looking for someone highly qualified. You have to make them see why they need you in their company. They will probably receive a lot of emails, so make sure yours was considered one of those which were exactly on point.

2.) Mention a personal connection.

If you know somebody who used to, or currently works, for the company you’re applying for, make sure to mention that in your email. That’s because companies usually trust their employees’ opinions over a stranger’s. Be specific when you do so (i.e. if you were personally referred, etc.).

When required, you can also write this person’s name under your references (as long as you asked first!). If giving your profile through an online submission form, you may state your affiliation on the question ‘where did you hear about this position’.

Dropping names could be a great avenue to stand out and get noticed. Provided that this person has a trustworthy record, employers will probably take your little effort into consideration.


3.) Deliver your resume personally.

If you wish to earn a few more points in your favor, you might want to consider hand-delivering your resume to the company instead of simply attaching it to your email. If the business establishment is within your locality, it will only take a few minutes of your time. Plus, you will be able to show off your professionalism and dedication.

This tactic might not always be possible (i.e. if the company is too far away). However, whenever you can, giving your resume personally is a simple method to easily get noticed.


Originally Written by : Sylvia Giltner 
Link to original article: click here

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