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    Born to Do


    I chose this song because of its message. This song is about going after your dreams and continuing on that path no matter how tough it gets because living your dreams is what you were born to do. When nothing else will satisfy your hunger, what else are you going to do with your life?

    You can either give up and live a more secure, less painful life and end up with regret later on or you can decide that the life you really want is going to be yours and that you will not let anything stand in your way.

    Setbacks are just tests designed to reveal your level of commitment.

    Anyone can move forward when the wind is blowing against their back but when they have to give everything they’ve got just to take a step forward, most simply feel it’s not worth it and give up. That’s not commitment, that’s a wish.

    Wishing is for those who believe in fairy tales; commitment is for those who believe in themselves without fail.

    I don’t know what sort of challenges you’re going through or what kind of obstacles lie ahead of you but I do know that if you can commit to achieving your dream life, succeed or fail, you’ll have one hell of a life story to tell at the end of it all.


    Originally Written by : Kevin Ngo
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    Why I’m Messed Up And So Are You

    People think I have my life together. Guess what? I don’t. Being perceived as great (in a highly constructed reality you’ve created for those around you) doesn’t actually mean you’ve got it together. There’s this thing… it’s called being authentic, and most of us have no idea how to do it. I’m still learning how.

    When you are being authentic, you are the strongest, most resilient version of yourself, because authenticity means bearing your scars and failures for the world to see, no matter how ugly they feel. And that’s what we don’t do. We’re not vulnerable enough. We’re too busy trying not to be vulnerable.

    The possession of flaws is a staple of the human experience, yet we live in a society in which we are pressured to cover up those flaws in order to appear normalized or acceptable. Simply put, this is why we are messed up.

    Why I’m Messed Up And So Are You

    The problem is that if we cave to this pressure of being perfect, we present a flawless, error-free, sterling version of our character—our Self—and in doing so, we feel increasingly lost due to a) a divergence between who we are and who we present to the world, and b) the incorrect belief that we’re the only ones with such divergence, thereby viewing everyone else as ‘composed’. In our hearts, we know there is work to be done, but we avoid it, because beginning such work would entail exposing our flaws & opening ourselves to ridicule, perception, and judgment; a cruel punishment, indeed. I’m not saying we need to start screaming our insecurities/addictions/trauma at the top of our lungs, down the hallway at work (let me know if you do, I kind of want to be there for that), but we need to be cognizant of why we have our insecurities, and work to communicate ‘why’ to the people around us.

    We find the greatest comfort in those who we believe are like ourselves.

    The reality is that when we’re willing to endure vulnerability, we find not just comfort, but incredible strength and community, telling our stories and bearing our souls to a cold world. Eckhart Tolle said it best, “…you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.” It’s like rehab, but for everyone. We all need rehab. We are warriors in our own lives. We fight battles no one knows anything about. All of us. It’s a fact. And yet, we walk around presenting the most suited and put-together versions of ourselves, as if to suggest that being civilized also means being ignorant and incommunicative of our struggles. Like we all aren’t going crazy. It’s completely delusional to act like this. Sharp pencils look sharp because they haven’t been put to the test.

    Being authentic means being put to the test. It means breaking the cycle of ‘character versus reputation’. It means letting the two converge no matter how stupid or ugly we look. You start somewhere and you change what you don’t like. Fight the insecurity. Be a warrior. Life is tough. Admit that you have no idea what you’re doing, and that you make a ton of mistakes. Once you find the confidence to say, “this is who I am, and I’m getting better,” that’s total exposure. That feels embarrassing, but you’ll find that you’ll attract other people who seek authenticity in the process. You’ll become a catalyst of confidence for others, too; reminding them it’s okay to be lost or hurt. We find the greatest comfort in those who we believe are like ourselves. So, by being authentic, it becomes infinitely easier to grow, to connect with those who truly care for us, and to deal with our individual pain. Those who hide their weaknesses are more concerned with maintaining outward perfection than those who communicate their faults openly. Nothing can be said or done to the latter individual that would prevent them from fighting through life, because they have no false ideas to protect.

    You’re a warrior. Act like one. And while you’re at it, if you’ve figured it all out, reach out to tell me how you’re doing because I’m still trying.


    Originally Written by : Shaz Khan
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    30 Life-Changing Positive Quotes

    1. David Livingston on Moving Forward

    “I will go anywhere as long as it’s forward.” ~ David Livingston

    This is a quote that you can use each day to remind yourself that the best way to go is forward. There’s no going back and there’s no standing still, onward we go. So many times we get lulled into a sense of comfort of complacency, but you have to keep the fires stoked and the engine moving. This is a great way to sum up that you always want to be making progress and having fun things happen in your life. When you choose the direction you want to go, many times you get there.

    2. Elbert Hubbard on Positive vs. Negative

    “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

    It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s positive it’s something you can focus your attention on. You don’t need to have dozens or hundreds of positive things taking place in your life at one time. You just need one positive thing that you can think about again and again to maintain your happy state. In fact, even if you have a bunch of negative things occurring in your life, you can safely ignore them all and just keep your mind on that one positive thing and all the negative things will work themselves out.

    3. Helen Keller on Sunshine and Shadows

    “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” ~ Helen Keller

    Leave it to Helen Keller to provide an upbeat look at life. Here’s a woman that could just as easily have given up on life, born deaf and blind. Many of us complain about how hard life is and we don’t have anything holding us back. Imagine how hard it would be to have a positive attitude when it seems life dealt you a pretty low hand. But she made the most of it and she has plenty of quotes that help people live better lives today.

    4. William James on the Power of Belief

    “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” ~ William James

    Belief is a powerful force and when you combine that with thoughts of a life worth living you put into motion all of the pieces for a worthwhile life. Those that hold to the idea that life isn’t worth living will find that it comes true after a while. That’s why it’s so important to hold positive thoughts in your mind long enough until they become a belief. Only then will you be able to overcome all of the negativity that exists in the world. We get to choose our beliefs so make sure you’re believing the right things.

    5. Zig Ziglar on the Importance of Positive Thinking

    “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” ~ Zig Ziglar

    Positive thinking infuses our actions with a positive charge and makes all of the things we do better. Negative thinking has just the opposite effect, it saps us of energy and makes everything we do more of a struggle than ever before. You won’t believe the difference when you switch over to being positive from being negative. It might take some time, but eventually you’ll hit the tipping point and then everything will shift. You can spend a lot of time and effort in vain if you have negative thinking.

    6. Jon Kabat-Zinn Says Surfs Up!

    “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

    So many times it seems that people will try to control things that they just have no control over. The waves are going to come to shore no matter what, so instead of trying to stop them we need to learn how to use them to our advantage and have as much fun as we can on them. This is a great quote that even those that don’t surf can appreciate. This quote is left to interpretation because everyone will have a different idea of what the waves represent. Hang ten!

    7. Colin Powell on the Power of Optimism

    “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” ~ Colin Powell

    When you’re always optimistic you give yourself the greatest chance of success. Here Powell is saying that it multiplies the force of your efforts many times over. This means that if you take the same action, but do it once in a mindset of optimism and once in a mindset of pessimism the outcomes will be very different. The action you take with an optimistic mindset will be far more effective and produce much better results. The trick is always having this mindset even after a failure.

    8. Lincoln on Roses and Thorns

    “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

    It’s so true that most people describe the thorn as being the prickly part of the rose instead of the rose being the beautiful and sweet smell part of the thorn. It’s really a matter of how you look at it, so why not always take the positive side of things and give it the most magical spin you can. It is what it is, a plant that has both positive and negative to it, much like life, so which part do you want to focus on?

    9. Ford on The Power of Your Thinking

    “If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way” ~ Henry Ford

    This is a way of saying that whatever image you hold in your mind is what is going to come to pass in reality. If you think that you can do it you will find a way to do it. If you think that you can’t do it you will find a way to sabotage yourself. It’s hard to believe but we’re actually in control of what we can achieve because it’s all in your mind. The mind is so powerful that it puts limitations on itself, and then you start believing those limitations. This quote helps you break free.

    10. C. S. Lewis on When You’re Too Old

    “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” ~ C. S. Lewis

    It’s easy to think that the time has passed us by to set a new goal or have a new dream. Maybe we’ve reached some of our goals and now we seem like we’re just coasting along. Or maybe you think you’re too old to get started on some great work. This is a quote for those that feel they’re past the point of starting up anything new. It should spark a new fire and get you dreaming and goal setting again. Always have a goal and a dream to pursue as this is when you’re at your happiest.

    11. Einstein on Doing Things Himself

    “I am thankful to all who said no to me. It is because of them that I’m doing it myself.” ~ Albert Einstein

    Sometimes no isn’t the answer you want to hear, but there’s a reason for it. Can you imagine being the person that said no to Einstein? Surely they regretted that decision later. The thing is that if you have someone telling you know it could be a sign that you should just do it yourself. Or it could mean that you need to ask someone else. Don’t put a lot of stock in any one person saying yes, just never give up if it’s truly important to you.

    12. Oscar Wilde on Where to Keep Your Gaze

    “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” ~ Oscar Wilde

    Even if things are looking grim you can still keep your eyes fixed on your dreams. In fact, when things aren’t going well is the perfect time to keep your focus on something that makes you feel good. The thing most people do is feel bad when things are bad and feel good when things are good. But the trick is to feel as good as you can even when things aren’t going the way you want them to, because that speeds up the process of getting them back to the way you want them.

    13. Willie Nelson on Negative and Positive Thoughts

    “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~ Willie Nelson

    The thing about taking out negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones is it’s not that easy. Negative thoughts have a magnetic effect and they attract more negative thoughts and more. So at first you have to be very diligent and just keep thinking of more and more positive thoughts until you displace the negative thoughts. Positive thoughts also have a magnetic effect but it’s not as strong as the pull of negative thoughts. Just stay the course and don’t give up, because you’ll revert back to your old thought patterns.

    14. Steve Martin on How Good You Should Be

    “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” ~ Steve Martin

    Here’s a way to assure yourself of success. Just be so good that you can’t be ignored. This can work in your personal and professional life no matter what you’re doing. You can do it so well that you are a standout and a force to be reckoned with. If you apply this quote to even the most mundane tasks you face, you’ll find that you have a new zest for doing it better. You will keep the mate you have interested in you, keep your boss happy with your work, and keep your customers happy with your product or service.

    15. William James on the Greatest Discovery

    “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~ William James

    All you have to do is shift your attitude and the world around you should shift as well. If before you greeted each day with a sign and just trudged along and did the minimal to get by, you can change it all by greeting the day with a yahoo! and charging into it full steam. The world around you has to adjust to the new you, and people will look at you differently when you are gung ho and striving to life the fullest life possible. But it all starts with an attitude change.

    16. Mary Engelbreit on Changing Things

    “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~ Mary Engelbreit

    Here’s a good litmus test for things that present themselves to you in your life. Can you change it? If yes, then do it, if no then just change the way you think about it. That provides the same result as changing it, but without having to make the effort of changing it. Just remember to determine if you can change it or not first, because it’s better to change it and be happy with it than not change it when you could and just learn to live with it.

    17. Ralph Marston on What Life Owes You

    “Life does not owe you anything because life has already given you everything.” ~ Ralph Marston

    It’s true that many people walk around as if they have something coming to them or that they’re entitled to more than they already have. If they would just stop to realize that they already have everything they need for a great life they’d have a much more fun time with life. This is a great quote to remember whenever you feel like you are missing some key element that will make your life so much better. You are not missing it, you already have it inside you you just need to bring it out.

    18. Gilbert Chesterton on Rain and Rainbows

    “Without the rain there would be no rainbow.” ~ Gilbert Chesterton

    It’s so true that rain produces some beautiful rainbows, and the gloomy times in our life can lead to amazing times as well, we just have to trust the way the universe works. The trick is you have to look for that ray of sunshine that creates the rainbow, you can’t expect to focus on the gloomy parts and see the rainbow. It’s a matter of seeking out what you want and wanting to see the most beautiful things come from the most sorrowful times. You also have to look up to see rainbows.

    19. Mother Teresa on Making Ripples

    “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” ~ Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa knew a lot about what it means to live a powerful life full of purpose and how to leave a legacy. The things she did were not amazing by themselves, but it put into motion things that were absolutely amazing. She was so humble and modest that she realized that she wouldn’t be able to change the world by herself, but she was smart enough to realize that she didn’t have to. As long as she made some ripples they would have an effect on the entire planet.

    20. Nelson Mandela on How Impossible Things Seem

    “It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

    When you are in the middle of a really tough task you will always feel like it will never be finished or that you simply can’t do it. Then when it’s over you’ll sit and scratch your head in disbelief that you actually finished it. The funny thing is that you can apply this to the biggest goals in your life, the ones that seem like they are just not possible. Imagine yourself with it finished sitting there amazed that it’s already done and finding it strange that you once believed you couldn’t do it.

    21. Norman Vincent Peale on How to Change Your World


    “Change your thoughts and you change your world. ” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

    Thoughts are things and when you change your thoughts you automatically change your world. Think about it this way, your world is constantly changing to your thoughts, which is why sometimes you have bad times and sometimes you have good times. Sometimes things change for the best and sometimes they change for the worst, but it starts in your mind. It doesn’t instantly change, it changes gradually over time based on how you’re thinking and feeling. You simply need to stick with good thoughts long enough so you give your world a chance to change accordingly.

    22. Steve Maraboli on Life’s Problems and Happiness

    “Happiness is not the absence of problems it’s the ability to deal with them.” ~ Steve Maraboli

    If you’re trying to stamp out all of the problems you have so that you can feel happy you’re going to have a lot of work to do. The thing is to learn how to handle your problems and still maintain your happiness throughout the process. You need to learn to get a handle on things in your life, and then you don’t have to worry about problems any more. Problems will seem like opportunites to you, and you’ll be able to handle them with little effort, and without messing up your good vibes.

    23. Voltaire on How to Keep Singing Through Calamity

    “Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” ~ Voltaire

    When things look like a disaster it’s important to remember to keep a positive mindset. Most of the time when things look their worst people will think the worst, which only keeps them stuck in that disaster, or sets up the next disaster to descent upon them. It’s those that keep their heads up when things look bad that are able to spend the shortest amount of time wallowing in misery and have things turn around that much quicker. Learn to sing in the lifeboats when things start to look like a shipwreck, instead of feeling scared and helpless.

    24. Walt Disney on the Courage to Pursue Dreams

    “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

    Disney infused many of his films with positive messages about achieving your dreams and what it takes to live a magical life. It’s no wonder that he was able to achieve many of his dreams in his lifetime and leave a lasting legacy. Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams, and if so what have you done lately that is moving you forward towards your dreams. Just remember that courage means feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

    25. Gandhi on How to Change the World

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world. ” ~ Gandhi

    Instead of wishing that the world will change you have to be the change that you wish it would make. When you make positive changes to yourself you set an example for those around you to do the same. Instead of wishing that everyone would recycle, make sure that you are the master recycler. Instead of wishing that your loved ones would lose weight and be healthy, lead by example and get fit so that they can be inspired by you. Small changes can lead to big changes when others see what you can do.

    26. Mark Amend on Remembering the Good things

    “The best way to forget the bad things in life is to learn to remember the good things.” ~ Mark Amend

    This is so true, but often people get it mixed around. Most often people will forget the good things and remember the bad things. Not only that but they’ll want to focus on the bad things so much and explore them and wonder what they mean and this leads them down a dark path that has no ending. Instead they should just forget those bad things and only try to remember the good things so more good things can come their way. The more you think about something the more of that you get.

    27. Picasso on How to Do Things You Can’t Do

    “I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.” ~ Pablo Picasso

    This is a fun quote to remember when you think there are things you can’t do. You just have to keep trying them again and again so that you get to the point where you can do them. If you think that you can’t do them and never try to do them, or to improve your skills to the point that you can do those things that you originally couldn’t, they’ll always remain things that you can’t do. It’s fun to overcome things that once were off limits to you and become a master of them.

    28. Annie Gottlier on the Right Mindset

    “It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.” ~ Annie Gottlier

    This is a perfect phrase to remember when you are struggling with something because you absolutely don’t want to do it, and you feel like you have to do it. There is such a huge shift in ease when you shift your mind over to wanting to do it. Listen, if you have to do something you might as well get on board with it mentally because you’re going to do it anyway. When you feel like you actually want to do it, it will become much easier than when you struggle to do it against your will.

    29. Robert Brault on Celebrating Life’s Occasions

    “There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.” ~ Robert Brault

    Take the time to celebrate often in your life. You don’t have to pop a bottle of champagne every day, but you could if you felt the notion. The point is to find something to celebrate each. The more you celebrate and have the feeling of celebration, the more things will arrive in your life that you can celebrate about. If you save celebrations for an occasional thing, you will only have a few things a year to celebrate. Celebrating is like the ultimate form of thankfulness, and this is a powerful vibe to send out.

    30. Dr. Seuss on the Awesomeness of You

    “Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” ~ Dr. Seuss

    Let’s end our list with this great Dr. Seuss quote that pretty much sums it up. Today is your day, and boy oh boy you’ll move some mountains. Just get fired up about the day and don’t leave your mountain waiting for you. Get out there and tackle your mountain each and every day. This one goes nicely with the other Dr. Seuss quote: Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one! Move mountains everyday because you have the power if you harness it.

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    7 Mental Techniques to Improve Your Time Management


    Beneficial time management is something most of us struggle with. In a world that certainly has no shortage of distractions, it becomes all too easy to waste away hours or even days on activities that are neither useful nor really all that enjoyable.

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    If you would like to start getting more value out of the hours you’ve been given, check out these seven mental techniques for improving your time management.

    1. Visualize your daily goals.

    When you wake up each morning, decide then and there what you want to do with that day. What tasks do you want to accomplish? What activities do you want to enjoy? (It’s important to note that daily goals don’t necessarily have to be work related. Perhaps your goal for the day is to spend time with your family or enjoy a day on the golf course.) Then take a few minutes to visualize these tasks as already completed. How would you feel if they were already done? This sense of fulfillment will renew your drive to complete your tasks that day and not put them off any longer.

    2. Avoid putting off tasks.

    We as humans have this unfortunate tendency to spend more mental energy worrying about the tasks we have to do than we spend actually doing them. When you put off tasks, they’re always going to be in the back of your mind. It’s difficult to enjoy leisure time when you’re always either consciously or subconsciously thinking about the work you are putting off. To avoid wasting mental energy worrying about these unfinished to-do’s, always complete tasks as they come up.

    3. Set deadlines.

    Few things are more motivating than a deadline. Some tasks given to you will inherently come with a deadline, but for tasks that don’t, you stand to benefit a lot by setting one of your own. Deadlines have a way of breaking procrastination and can motivate you even when you have no desire to complete the task. It’s important, though, when you set deadlines for yourself that you actually stick to them. If you start ignoring the deadlines you set, then soon they will have little value to your time management efforts.

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    4. Make a to-do list.

    One of the best time-management tools you can use is a to-do list. Something about writing out the tasks you have to complete on a piece of paper makes them feel more doable. It provides you with a visible, tangible way to see how much you have still to do and keep track of the things that you’ve already done. As an added bonus, marking an item off your to-do list is a feel-good reward in and of itself.

    5. Stop multitasking.

    There are a lot of people who feel as if they are really good at multitasking, but very few of us actually are. Studies have shown that we are almost always less productive when we are trying to accomplish multiple tasks at once. By learning how to prioritize, you’ll be able to get much more done than if you were multitasking. In fact, not only are we less productive when we multitask, it can also increase your chances of getting burned out, as it is both more difficult and more stressful than focusing your efforts on a single task. Instead of trying to get everything done at once, start checking things off your to-do list one task at a time, focusing all of your attention on that single task until it is complete.

    6. Reward yourself.

    When you complete a task, reward yourself! That doesn’t mean you have to throw a huge celebration every time you check something off your to-do list. For many people, the reward for finishing a task is something as simple as going outside for a breath of fresh air or getting a can of soda from the refrigerator. Just make sure that whatever rewards you give yourself are healthy and don’t take up too much of your time. For example, eating a box of donuts every time you finish a task probably isn’t a good idea, and neither is taking the next two hours off. When done right, though, small rewards can have a big effect.

    7. Take time to relax.

    If you’re like most of us, no matter how much you do, there will always still be tasks that you could be working on. Sometimes this feeling of never really being caught up can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself trying to compensate by working even longer and harder. There almost always comes a point, though, when you will burn out. From that point forward, no matter how hard you try, the work you do is not going to be the same quality as it was before, and the time it takes you to do it is going to be increased. What’s worse, burning yourself out certainly isn’t healthy.

    It’s important to know when to take a step back and relax—for example, working breaks into your daily goals and rewarding yourself with short periods of relaxation. However you make the time for it, just know that taking that time for yourself is every bit as important for good time management as taking the time to complete your tasks.

    By following these mental techniques to improve your time management, you’ll be able to get more done faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


    Originally Written by : Brian Tracy
    Link to original article: click here

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    5 Books to Help You Build Confidence and Belief in Yourself


    Confidence and belief in oneself.

    Many of the wisest and most successful human beings in history have preached the importance of these qualities and many incredible books have been written to accompany that belief.

    Over the years, I’ve read many great classics on the subject of building confidence, self-esteem, belief in oneself, whatever it is you’d like to call it. There are different terms for it, but it’s generally the same thing– developing the belief in oneself that you can accomplish what you set out to do, however small or large.

    And, to that end, I’ve organized what I believe to be the best books on the subject to help you start developing more of this important trait.

    Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

    – Norman Vincent Peale

    Self-confidence, or belief in oneself, is important for virtually everything.

    It helps us talk to that person, take that action, and stand our ground in the face of fear or ridicule. Self-belief ultimately plays a part in almost everything we do, so taking the time to cultivate more of it is a worthwhile endeavor.

    And to help you do that, I’ve collected five such books that have made a big impact on me throughout my life. If you’re looking to build confidence and belief in yourself, these are all incredibly powerful reads that will help you do just that:

    1. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

    The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz was probably the first such book I ever read, and because no one had introduced me to the importance of self-confidence in my life up until then, it essentially served as an incredibly valuable introduction to the significance of it.

    If you’re looking for a good introduction to the power of self-belief, this would be my first suggestion as Schwartz breaks down everything in very simple English.

    2. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    Think & Grow Rich is a book which is close to my heart. To me, it’s significance has nothing to do with money and entirely to do with the knowledge of how to accomplish anything, specifically that which you have a passion and a burning desire to accomplish.

    To be fair, author Napoleon Hill never intended the book to only be about generating monetary wealth, in the book he specifically states that there is much more to wealth than money, a definition which I think has been mostly lost not because of the author’s fault, but because of our own obsession with money.

    But how does Think & Grow Rich help you build confidence? If you’ve read it, you’ll know how. If you haven’t, it’s hard to explain.

    In the book, Hill explains something which he never names, but rather alludes to throughout the book so that you can discover it for yourself (as there is power in this method of self-discovery and no value in him simply naming it for you). It’s all about having a burning desire to do something, what are the factors which point to creating that burning desire, and how an unstoppable resolve allows us to make anything happen (even things we believe aren’t possible).

    3. Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

    It would almost be a crime to talk about books that help build confidence and self-belief and not include at least one book from researcher and now famous author Brené Brown.

    Originally “discovered” by most of the world via her 2010 TED talk on vulnerability and self-worth, Brown has gone on to pen several bestsellers on similar subjects. What is so significant about Brown’s work, and this specific book Daring Greatly is how she uses her extensive research to back up her claims.

    She doesn’t just say that allowing ourselves to open up, be ourselves, and daring to be vulnerable is the path to living a better life and leaving it at that. No, she documents an impressive quantity, and quality, of research that is hard to refute.

    What I love about Daring Greatly (and, really, any of Brown’s books) is that she isn’t talking about the basics of developing self-belief, she’s getting to the heart of the very challenges we face. Many books on self-confidence and belief are valuable but they suffer from the problem of: what the hell do you do when it comes time to actually apply this to my messy and imperfect life? Brown doesn’t just tell you to stand up and face it, and that this is the path to overcoming it and finding courage and confidence in yourself, she proves it to you.

    4. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

    Awaken the Giant Within is Tony Robbins’ second book and it’s a relatively gargantuan effort. The book covers strategies for improving virtually every area of your life, but more than anything, it teaches you how to find the confidence to take control of your life and make change a reality.

    In this way, the book is less about directly teaching some technique for building confidence and more about teaching you an effective path for building your own confidence, something you can take with you for the rest of your life.

    If you’re not just looking to build confidence, but also need to find some direction in life, this is very likely the perfect book for you.

    5. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

    The Power of Positive Thinking is a classic as far as self-improvement-related books are concerned, having been published in 1952 by Dr. Peale. Now a national bestseller, the book was one of a few early classics that helped shape the modern self-improvement space as a whole. You’re probably already aware of some of the principles spoken of in the book because of its far-reaching influence on modern self-help books.

    So, who should read The Power of Positive Thinking? Just about everyone. Ultimately, the book is about developing belief in yourself and your efforts, but it covers everything from realizing your goals to developing more positive mental habits, improving your relationships, and self-care. For its time, it’s a relative pioneer and a book you can’t go wrong with.

    You can get The Power of Positive Thinking here.

    These are all great titles that can help you build confidence and start cultivating self-belief. My advice? Go with the one that calls to you the most. We all have different personalities and quirks and I purposely picked various titles that would appeal to several different personalities.

    Whichever you go with, if you truly desire more confidence and want to start developing greater belief in yourself, then take this seriously. Don’t let another day go by before taking the first step. Buy the book, set a time and day when you will (if not now), or at least decide which book it will be first.

    Whatever you do, take action now by prioritizing the learning and absorbing of new knowledge. Each of these books is filled with wisdom that can transform your life, so take it seriously and see where it takes you.


    Originally Written by : Matt Valentine
    Link to original article: click here

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    35 Inspirational Songs With Lyrics To Motivate And Inspire You


    We all need a boost of inspiration and motivation every once and a while.

    And what better way to lift your spirits than music!

    Research shows that music can boost your mood, make you happier and reduce anxiety.

    To help you find your motivational mojo, I’ve hand-selected the 35 most inspirational songs (with lyrics) to lift you up and get you firing on all cylinders.

    Just remember, champ, you’re going to crush it!

    Here we go:

    1. Destiny’s Child – Survivor

    This classic motivational anthem which was written during a difficult period in Destiny Child’s career has helped to inspire and motivate millions around the world.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    I’m a survivor / I’m not gonna give up / I’m not gonna stop / I’m gonna work harder.

    2. The Beatles – Let it Be

    This one is packed with simple words of wisdom for when things go beyond your control (oh yes, those days will come).

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “And when the broken-hearted people / Living in the world agree / There will be an answer / Let it be”

    3. Skepta – Hold On

    Skepta might be little known outside the UK, but his words certainly offer encouragement and strength to anyone, anywhere who seems to be facing the seemingly insurmountable.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Whenever you feel like letting go / And you’ve got your back against the wall / Hold on, just hold on, cause you’re gonna take a few low blows”

    4. Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire

    There’s no better song to prepare ladies for big, scary life-events than this song. The inspiration for this song came after Alicia gave birth to her son. Nothing like a powerful, targeted inspirational piece to fill you with courage before taking that step.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Oh, we got our feet on the ground / And we’re burning it down / Oh, got our head in the clouds / And we’re not coming down”

    4. Eminem – Lose Yourself

    This list wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Eminem. This is the perfect song for when life is a boxing match and you are preparing yourself mentally to face it squarely.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow / This opportunity comes once in a lifetime you better”

    5. Don’t Give Up’ – Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

    Inspired by the Great Depression, this chilled classic song features a Peter Gabriel’s description of absolute despair on one hand and Kate Bush’s solace-filled words of hope and encouragement.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Don’t give up / ‘Cause you have friends / Don’t give up / You’re not beaten yet”

    6. Try Again – Aaliyah

    Forget the verses, this chorus of this song can be applied to those horrible situations where you have just been disappointed after putting your energy/resources into something that doesn’t work out. Plus it’s got a really catchy beat that you can dance to.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “If at first you don’t succeed (first you don’t succeed) / Dust yourself off, and try again”

    7. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

    The instantly recognizable opening sequence of this classic song is enough to pump you up and get you going. No wonder this was used as the theme track for Rocky III and later went on to become one of the biggest tracks of 1982.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “It’s the eye of the tiger / It’s the thrill of the fight / Rising up to the challenge of our rival”

    8. The Roots – Now or Never

    Or “The Song for Change”, depending on how you look at it. If you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, needing the motivation to make a change, this is a song you might be able to relate to. Just ruminate on the lyrics:

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Everything’s changing around me / And I want to change too / It’s one thing I know / It ain’t cool being no fool”

    9. Fort Minor – Remember the Name

    One which you may have never heard, but when you do hear it, it sticks. This is a song for hustlers needing a bit of motivation to keep going.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “This is ten percent luck / Twenty percent skill / Fifteen percent concentrated power of will / Five percent pleasure / Fifty percent pain / And a hundred percent reason to remember the name”

    10. Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane

    Switchfoot is not a very popular band, but the title says it all. An upbeat, motivational tune guaranteed to get you hyped up and ready to face that hurricane that life is throwing your way.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Hello hurricane / I’ve got doors and windows boarded up / All your dead end fury is not enough”

    11. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

    What better song to listen to when you’re feeling defeated and down on your luck? She might sing like a wounded lover (Rolling Stone’s words, not mine), but you certainly can’t help but feel the strength of her resolve as she powers through the chorus.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

    12. Rachel Platten – Fight Song

    Simply put, here’s what Newsweek had to say about this song: “there’s such a thing as a breakout moment for a brand-new artist, where they come out of nowhere and all of a sudden everybody is singing this song,”. And it’s easy to see why

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “This is my fight song / Take back my life song / Prove I’m alright song / My power’s turned on / Starting right now I’ll be strong / I’ll play my fight song / And I don’t really care if nobody else believes / ‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”

    13. Get up, Stand Up – Bob Marley

    This list would not be complete with the motivational, chilled out Stand Up Anthem from the musical legend, Bob Marley. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back beat, this words of this song are so poignant that it has survived to become one of the biggest Human Rights Anthems of our generation.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights / Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!”

    14. Lethal Bizzle – Look up to the sky

    This one is for the dreamers. This catchy little gem from the UK’s grime scene is as motivating as it is compelling. It might just be what you need to go out and chase that dream, work that extra hour on your project, apply for that funding, take that class.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Dreams can come true for you / I know, I know / That I can make it”

    15. Madonna – Jump

    Empowerment is the theme of this techno track by the Queen of Pop. This is the musical equivalent of a push up the backside you might need to take that big step without fear.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “I haven’t got much time to waste / It’s time to make my way / I’m not afraid of what I’ll face / But I’m afraid to stay / I’m going down my road and I can make it alone / I’ll work and I’ll fight till I find a place of my own”

    16. Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

    Nothing gives a finger to heartbreak and disappointment like this classic track which you can probably sing along to by heart.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “I will survive / Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive / I’ve got all my life to live / I’ve got all my love to give.”

    17. Kanye West – Stronger

    If Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ doesn’t make you want to get on your feet, not much else will. This danceable rhythm coming from the king of overconfidence has some golden nuggets if you get lost in the beat.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “N-now th-that that don’t kill me / Can only make me stronger”

    18. Sara Bareilles – Brave

    Life lesson from Sara Bareilles? Don’t be too afraid to say what you want to say. Don’t keep it all in – be brave and let the world know how you really feel. Now, go and ask for that raise that you deserve!

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Say what you wanna say / And let the words fall out / Honestly I wanna see you be brave”

    19. Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten

    This top ten Billboard pop single is the perfect anthem for living courageously through your fears and inhibitions. Spring in your step not included.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Drench yourself in words unspoken / Live your life with arms wide open / Today is where your book begins / The rest is still unwritten”

    20. Christina Aguilera – Fighter

    Christina Aguiler’s aim in writing this song was to create an “emotionally rich and positive empowering” song, especially for women, in order for them to speak for themselves be strong. You go, girl!

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Made me learn a little bit faster / Made my skin a little bit thicker / Makes me that much smarter / So thanks for making me a fighter”

    21. The Script – Hall of Fame

    This catchy tune by the Irish band, The Script focuses on never giving up on your dreams. The perfectly balanced vocals and rhythm are the perfect recipe for that exact moment when you want to give up and do something else. Don’t give up!

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Standing in the hall of fame / And the world’s gonna know your name / Cause you burn with the brightest flame.”

    22. Eminem – Not Afraid

    If this doesn’t get you pumped up and ready to face negativity head on, I don’t know what will. You couldn’t ask for a most power-packed, passionate delivery of words from Eminem.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) / To take a stand (to take a stand) / Everybody (everybody) / Come take my hand (come take my hand)”

    23. Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

    You’ve probably heard this song before, and like me, you might have thought the name was different. It is the musical equivalent of a warm cup of hot chocolate in the middle of a crisis. Just don’t worry.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Singing’ don’t worry ’bout a thing / ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright”

    24. Nas – The World is Yours

    The beat might sound a bit mellow and chilled out, but don’t be fooled. This song is actually about winning in life, and here’s a fun fact : the title was taken from Scarface.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Right now, hey / It’s your tomorrow / Right now, / C’mon, it’s everything”

    26. Common & John Legend – Glory

    This moving soundtrack from the movie, Selma, almost instills in you an ethereal feeling of hope and triumph when you listen.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “One day when the glory comes / It will be ours, it will be ours / Oh one day when the war is won / We will be sure, we will be sure”

    27. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar

    This haunting melancholy tune describes insecurities before memorable, gospel-inflected chorus offers hope and encouragement.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “If you are what you say you are / A super star / Then have no fear the camera’s here and the microphone and they wanna know”

    28. Des’ree – You gotta be

    Let’s throwback to the 90’s when tops were cropped and trousers were flayed. This was the perfect tune to belt out to on a journey to somewhere you don’t really want to go.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold / You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard / You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger”

    29. Lighthouse family – High

    Let’s slow down the tempo a little bit and draw from this easy-listening motivational anthem from the 90’s. The effortlessly graceful lyrics from the soothing voice of the lead singer will leave you feeling Lifted.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “When you’re close to tears remember / Someday it’ll all be over / One day we’re gonna get so high / Though it’s darker than December / What’s ahead is a different colour /One day we’re gonna get so high”

    30. One Republic – Marching On

    Put this on, yell the lyrics at the top of your voice because anything is possible, and this will encourage you to march on no matter what.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “There’s so many wars we fought / There’s so many things we’re not / But with what we have / I promise you that / We’re marching on”

    31. Relient K – Pressing On

    A perfect mix of punk rock and as much motivation as you can muster in one song.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “I think we’re going somewhere / We’re on to something good here / Adversity, we get around it / Searched for joy, in you I found it”

    32. Bon Jovi – It’s my Life

    If you’re trying to psych yourself to take a bold step and take a risk that could potentially turn your life around for the better this is the song to bellow out at the top of your lungs.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “It’s my life / It’s now or never / I ain’t gonna live forever / I just want to live while I’m alive”

    33. Martina McBride – Anyway

    “Anyway”, according to McBride was inspired by many things – a poem by Mother Teresa, real life, and the fact that we all face adversity in one way or another. The song is about hope, love, perseverance and, mostly, faith.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “You can chase a dream / That seems so out of reach / And you know it might not never come your way
    Dream it anyway”

    34. Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey – When you believe

    This ballad from the 1998 musical animated feature, The Prince of Egypt will leave you with so much drive and determination to believe in yourself.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “There can be miracles / When you believe / Though hope is frail / Its hard to kill”

    35. The Roots ft John Legend – The Fire

    You could probably listen to this ten times, and find a new nugget of pure genius motivational fire in the lyrics each time. Guaranteed to pump you up.

    Inspirational Lyrics:

    “Let it burn / You don’t say good luck / You say don’t give up”


    We hope these 35 inspirational songs and lyrics helped motivate and inspire you to do great things and be better.


    Originally Written by : Ada Powers
    Link to original article: click here

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    Jon was like a dog, one of those rare people whose enthusiasm and unbridled joy is so unceasing that it actually becomes a little irritating at times. “Can you, just like… hate life a little?” I used to think to myself. And no, I wasn’t wearing eyeliner.

    Alas, it never happened. And I felt like an asshole for having such thoughts. I was just jealous, I decided. Or maybe worse: a bad person.

    But I never felt like a bad person for that long, because Jon was so damn fun and engaging, that you couldn’t help but be lifted up by his spirits. He always wanted to know what was going on in your life. He was always encouraging. He was always happy for you and proud of you, even when you weren’t happy or proud of yourself.

    I eventually just decided that Jon was one of those people who had it figured out. One of those people that the shittier parts of life seemed to pass on by. A person who somehow managed to walk between the raindrops. A person who was blessed and knew it and spent his days trying to make others feel just as great as he did.

    Then one day, I walked in on him doing lines of coke off the back of a toilet.

    What the fuck?

    No! This guy was supposed to be the one who had it figured out! This guy was the one who was supposed to be immune to these kinds of moments of weakness! Damnit man, you were the chosen one!

    It turned out, Jon was a fucking mess. His family life was a mess. His personal life was a mess. His unceasing positivity and the occasional nose candy were the only things holding him together, like raggedy pieces of duct tape and a shoestring.

    And, here’s what took me a long time to figure out but surprised me: Jon sucked at emotions. I know that might sound crazy — on the surface, he appeared to be what we all want to be: perfectly happy, loving and giving, always positive and encouraging, never in a dull mood. But it was true. He sucked at dealing with his emotions, and he suffered more because of it.


    Emotions are the result of your mind comparing your external environment to your expectations.

    The same way you feel hot and cold when you walk outside (you step into the air, your skin moderates the temperature relative to your body temperature and then sends a signal to your brain saying, “it’s hot” or “it’s cold”), your emotions do the same for complex psychological phenomena.

    So you step outside, your body sends your brain the signal “it’s cold” and you run inside and get a coat. Similarly, if you come home from work and catch your husband blowing the mailman, your body sends the emotional signal to your brain which says, “What the actual fuck?” and then you divorce his ass and enjoy a massive settlement and lots of ice cream on the couch.

    Emotions are designed to create strong incentives for us to take action and do somethingto get rid of conflict between our expectations and our environment, either by changing our environment or changing our expectations.

    So for instance, say you’re talking with a co-worker and you find out that bitch Betty took credit for your awesome idea and got a raise as a result.

    Chances are you’re going to feel some strong emotions like anger, jealousy, and betrayal, among others. Chances are you’re going to take some sort of action to let that bitch Betty (and/or your boss) know what you think. Shit’s going to get real in cubicle-ville because this injustice cannot stand, man.

    That anger and pain you feel is also likely to make you take a long, hard look at your workplace and your career. They’ll also probably make you a lot more vigilant in the future by virtue of the fact that you don’t want to feel like this again, so you’ll do more to make sure your work gets noticed in the future. It might have been a painful experience, but your emotions provoked you to deal with the situation and will help you again in the future.

    And that’s what makes our emotions so powerful and so useful. It doesn’t matter if they make us feel good or bad as long as they motivate us to take appropriate action and deal with whatever comes our way.

    But the thing is, our emotions won’t help us deal with the shitty things life throws at us if they don’t match up well with the situation we find ourselves in. If I’m bored when I should be scared, or overjoyed when I should be raging pissed, then how the hell are my emotions going to help me do anything to help me cope with life, let alone survive?

    This is the problem with the feel-good-all-the-time-no-matter-what strategy of life. And this is why Jon ended up being such a fucking mess. Instead of engaging the right emotions in the right situations, he was trying to wallpaper over everything with a bunch of bright, sunshiney bullshit.


    There’s a concept in psychology called “emotional diversity.” Emotional diversity is just what it sounds like: experiencing a variety of emotions. And it turns out that people who experience a wide variety of both positive and negative emotions are a lot better off, both mentally and physically, than people who only experience a few emotions regularly, good or bad.

    Just like a more diverse stock portfolio is more resilient to large swings in stock values, the more diverse your emotional life is, the more resilient you are to the large swings in experience that life gives you. If you’re comfortable with anger, you’ll be able to call it up at the appropriate moments and use it. If you’re comfortable with joy or guilt or grief, you’ll be able to use those when you need to as well.

    A diverse emotional life isn’t just made up of a few “good” and “bad” emotions. You can also have lots of emotional subcategories, like amusement, joy, contentment, gratefulness, pride, love, hope, and anger, sadness, guilt, contempt, anxiety, disgust, embarrassment, and on and on.

    Researchers think that people who experience a wider range of these types of specific subcategories of emotions are more resilient in the face of adversity because they’re better at identifying what triggers those emotions. And thus, if you know exactly what’s making you feel the way you feel, it’s a whole lot easier to react appropriately to it.

    People who practice a wide range of emotions are self-aware enough to know what triggers these emotions and then act accordingly. This makes them feel more in control of their lives, a huge factor in determining happiness and general well-being.

    More variety in emotional experience also gives you a greater appreciation for just how transient emotions are. When you only allow yourself to feel one or two emotions all the time, you start to feel as though they are permanent (or should be permanent). The world always sucks. Life is always great. You always feel guilty because you’re a horrible person. You’re always proud because you’re narcissistic and jerk off to your own high school yearbook pictures.

    When you’re stuck in these one-emotion-defines-the-world mentalities, you forget that emotions are transient superficial things that don’t necessarily mean anything.

    Emotional diversity shows us that emotions come and go. If you feel angry now, that’s fine, you won’t in a few hours. If you’re happy now, that’s great, enjoy it, because the next struggle is around the corner. If you feel guilty or sad, then that’s okay too, things will look up some time in the near future.

    The question is then how do we begin to diversify our emotional lives?


    The first step in achieving greater emotional diversity: simple self-awareness. Noticing and accepting what you feel when you feel it.

    This sounds so simple as to be stupid. But what you’ll likely find is that if you’ve denied a certain emotion in yourself for long enough, you’ll actually stop realizing when you’re feeling it.

    I’ve talked before about identifying and unfusing from your emotions as one way to become more self-aware and to understand your emotions better. This is the next step. Learning to identify the emotion and then separating your decision-making from the emotion.

    It’s the difference between wanting to punch that fucker in the face, and actually doing it. Doing it is unacceptable. Feeling like you want to is a natural human reaction (sometimes).

    Once you unfuse your emotions from your decisions, it often causes you to experience greater depth and complexity in your emotions. For example, you might feel depressed at some point, but if you unfuse from your depression and examine it more closely, you might find that you’re also angry about the thing that’s making you depressed. Now we’re getting somewhere.

    Instead of just being a depressed schlub on the couch and resigning to the fact that life is meaningless—and oh, what’s the point anyway?—that anger can motivate you to do something about your situation, to not withdraw from life but rather to engage with it.

    This is what being an emotionally well-adjusted person is all about. Not being happy or having some bubbling feeling of contentment all the time. It’s about recognizing the layers of feeling going on inside you and utilizing them in ways that are helpful. Anger can lead to action. Sadness can lead to acceptance. Guilt can lead to change. Excitement can lead to motivation.

    Life is not about controlling our emotions. That’s impossible. Emotions come and they go whether we want them to or not.

    Life is about channeling emotions. And each emotion is almost its own skill. Like learning to fight with nunchucks and sweet ass bo staffs and samurai swords are different skill sets within the realm of fighting, channeling each of our emotions for productive action is its own skill to be practiced and mastered through the experience of life.

    And once you master them all, you become an emotional ninja, able to adapt and silently slice through any adversity life throws at you. And then maybe you skateboard through the sewers and eat a lot of pizza too.

    You thought the Ninja Turtles were just a kid’s show? Come on, man. There’s a deeper lesson there. They represent the mastery of each class of life’s emotions — Raphael is anger, Donatello is curiosity, Leonardo is insecurity, Michaelangelo is pizza.

    Master them all and master yourself (hence, “Master Splinter.”) Dude, where are you going? I’m serious here. Don’t hit the “back” button just yet. I’m just getting started. The pizza is a metaphor for the multilayered consumption of our own existential meaning and existence, and each emotion (read: Ninja Turtle) consumes it differently.

    Fine, I’m done. Cowabunga, dude. And namaste, fuckface.

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    20 Inspirational Austin Netzley Quotes On Success


    Austin Netzley is a former athlete turned engineer, investor, entrepreneur and now author of the 27-time #1 bestseller Make Money, Live Wealthy. He is the founder of ONE Pursuit Investments, as well as the host of the YoPro Wealth blog & podcast. Austin overcame $81,000 of debt and a middle-class mindset to find financial freedom early on. At the age of 27, Austin ‘retired’ from corporate America to travel the world and scale his automated stock trading business while also doing what he is most passionate about helping others take their money and their mindset to the next level. May his quotes inspire you to live your dreams.

    1. “Don’t focus on the result—focus on the reason for the result. The wealthy are selfless, giving, and mission-oriented first, and they know that these things are the reason for their success.” Austin Netzley

    2. “When you truly make the decision, it becomes real. You fully commit and develop a belief that ensures that it is not a matter of if you will achieve your goals, but a matter of when.” Austin Netzley

    3. “Money doesn’t create a life—it supports one.” Austin Netzley

    4. “You have got to have some skill set to match your desires or else you’re not going to be able to capitalize on the opportunities in front of you. Too often we want to go after the shiny objects before we’ve built up truly valuable skills. We need a bigger focus on buckling down and becoming great at something, because what science tells us is that the more proficient you become at something, the more passionate you become about it.” Austin Netzley

    5. “When you do things based on other people’s opinions of you or other people’s lack of ambition or beliefs, you’ll always feel regrets. If you do things based on others’ opinions, it’s challenging to have peace of mind and be happy and excited about your future.” Austin Netzley

    6. “Don’t listen to yourself. Talk to yourself.” Austin Netzley

    7. “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” Austin Netzley

    8. “After all, it’s not how much you make, it is how much you keep that matters. Whether your income is $500,000 or $50,000, you can’t get ahead unless you live below your means.” Austin Netzley

    9. “What differentiates successful entrepreneurs from everyone else is their willingness not only to face fear, but also to embrace fear. If you’re not really scared of what you’re doing, that means you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re not challenging yourself.” Austin Netzley

    10. “Great improvements and massive successes only come from stepping outside your comfort zone. They happen when you reach, stretch, and become vulnerable. Develop a belief in yourself and you will get out of your own way.” Austin Netzley

    11. “When you save money, you are buying future freedom.” Austin Netzley

    12. “If you’re going to risk something, you might as well take a risk at something you enjoy.” Austin Netzley

    13. “Wealth is a state of consciousness. It’s about thinking wealthy and using that mentality to see wealth in your everyday life.” Austin Netzley

    14. “We spend most of our time doing things we don’t really want to do just because we get paid to do them.” Austin Netzley

    15. “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job,’ because if you work hard on your job, you might be able to make a living; but if you work hard on yourself, you’ll be able to make a fortune.” Austin Netzley

    16. “Everybody wants to dream, but nobody wants to grind. It’s during the grind that we become stronger.” Austin Netzley

    17. “Secret to finding your dream career is to find something that fits into the lifestyle you dream of.” Austin Netzley

    18. “When you get a lot of money, nothing changes. Money simply makes you more of who you already are.” Austin Netzley

    19. “In life, you’ll either end up doing what you love, or you’ll wish you had, so you might as well go after it now!” Austin Netzley

    20. “The journey to become wealthy not only takes time, but it never ends. It isn’t a destination; it is a state of mind and a belief that comes from being on the path that is true to you.” Austin Netzley


    Originally Written by : Asad Meah
    Link to original article: click here

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    Hard Work Quotes: 40 Sayings To Strengthen Your Work Ethic


    It’s no secret that working hard seems to be the deciding factor between those with talent who fail, and others who put that talent to work and excel.

    As the saying goes:

    “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

    Often times, though, we fail to pursue our goals and dreams because of the fear that we aren’t naturally talented enough. We fear that we don’t have that innate ability or cannot simply teach ourselves to master a specific skill.

    Thankfully, this idea is false. In fact, more and more research is available that actually proves the opposite is true.

    Success is more a combination of how hard one is willing to work or practice than the god given talents we are born with.  What’s also common is that we see this in a variety of industries from the business world to professional sports.

    Malcolm Gladwell, in the novel “Outliers”, talks about the 10,000 hour rule and highlights how focusing on perfecting ones craft—through intense practice— is the biggest contributor to that persons success. In essence, hard working individuals with less talent can make up for it with approx. 10,000 hours of focused practice. And the greatest part about that is that it’s applicable in any industry.

    In the case of Bill Gates, it was the ability to have access to a computer and log 10,000 hours of programming time. For The Beatles, it was playing 1200 1hr live shows to smaller audiences that would prepare them for stadium concerts and super stardom. Both are examples of very talented individuals. But the common theme is taking that talent and supporting it with a fierce and committed work ethic. And there are many more examples out there.

    Whether you’re struggling to get started, or motivating yourself to keep going, this list will help you change that.

    Below, are 40 of the most inspiring quotes about overcoming setbacks, and the value of a strong work ethic.  We hope these inspire you to achieve what once may have seemed impossible.

    40 Inspiring Quotes For Those Who Work Hard 

    1) “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.” – Unknown

    2) “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King


    3) “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” –  Babe Ruth


    4) “The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!” – Marvin Phillips


    5) “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” – Margaret Mead


    6) “Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” – Arnold Palmer


    7) “Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt


    8) “Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.”  – Ann Landers


    9) “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein


    10) “Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers. “ – Anonymous


    11) “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything.” –  Vince Lombardi


    12) “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”– Thomas Jefferson


    13) “All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.” – Eric Thomas


    14) “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.” – Mohandas Gandhi


    15) “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” – Tommy Lasorda


    16) “The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work.” –  Anonymous


    17) “Without labor nothing prospers.” – Sophocles


    18) “All the so-called “secrets of success” will not work unless you do.”  – Unknown


    19) “No shortcuts, work for it.” – Unknown


    20) “Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.” – Byron Dorgan


    21) “Working hard is great, being lazy sometimes is great, but failed potential is the worst.”  – Campbell Scott


    22) “The world belongs to the energetic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


    23) “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” – Thomas A. Edison


    24) “The first and the best victory is to conquer self.” – Plato


    25) “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs


    26) “Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds‘ worth of distance run.” – Rudyard Kipling


    27) “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills


    28) “You just don’t luck into things. You build them step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.” – Barbara Bush


    29) “The first one gets the oyster the second gets the shell.” – Andrew Carnegie


    30) “Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.” –  James F. Byrnes


    31) “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them” – Ann Landers


    32) “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson


    33) “In a free society, every opportunity comes with three obligations. First, you must seize it. You must mold it into a work that brings value to others. Second, you must live it. Opportunity is nurtured only by action. Third, you must defend the freedom to pursue opportunities. You must embrace these three obligations as if the future of the United States depended on it. In fact, it does.” – Robert C. Goizueta


    34) “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” – David Bly


    35) “Nothing will work unless you do.” – John Wooden


    36) “Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem a turned it into an opportunity.” – Joseph Sugarman


    37) “Four things come not back: The spoken word, The sped arrow, The past life, The neglected opportunity.” – Arabian Proverb


    38) “The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day.” – Wayne Gretzky


    39) “A good idea is about ten percent and implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent.” – Guy Kawasaki


    40) “Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John C. Maxwell


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    Life’s Too Short – Don’t Wait


    Although it might not always feel like it, life is ridiculously short. It probably wouldn’t mean much or be worth much if it lasted forever. Because it’s so short, with the limited time that you have, I recommend creating something worthwhile, and if you dare, something amazing.

    Think of your life as a major project, with a deadline. Every day, every week, month and year, you get the opportunity to either work on improving it, piece by piece, one section at a time or you can sit back and watch it corrode away.

    That’s life. At some point, you have to be improving just to stay where you are.

    At the end of it all, you will get to look at your project in its entirety, the life you’ve created, and how you will feel will depend on how good of a job you think you did compared to whatever standard you live by.

    Regardless of the outcome, will you be satisfied knowing you did what you could or will you be filled with regret knowing you could’ve easily done a better job?

    Life is too short to delay getting started. Forget New Years or your next birthday or whatever life event you’re waiting to occur. If there is something you want to do, to create, to experience in this life, start doing it NOW because whatever it is you’re waiting to happen before beginning might not ever happen. Then what? Squander your life away just waiting and waiting and waiting?

    The deadline for this project is unknown. It can be due at ANY moment. So for the love of life, stop waiting and get started!


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    10 Phrases to Drop from Your Vocabulary


    Whether you are leading a team meeting, presenting to a prospective client or delivering a keynote speech to a global audience, verbal mistakes will undermine your credibility and distract from your message.

    If you want to have integrity and influence, consider dropping these phrases:

    1. “I’m confused,” or “I don’t get it.”

    Instead of putting all the responsibility on the other person, take co-ownership. Say, “Help me understand your position,” and remain open.

    2. “You know what I mean?” and “Does that make sense?”

    Asking for constant validation chips away at your command.

    3. “I was like…” or “She was like…”

    The word “like” is an unsophisticated setup that gets in the way of your clarity and credibility.

    4. “Um, ah, uh, you know.”

    Watch out for overuse of filler words and practice pausing to counteract the clutter.

    5. “I’ve been too busy” or “I started writing an email and forgot to send it.”

    Excuses are unattractive. Say, “I apologize for the inconvenience. You will have it by tomorrow.”

    6. “Out-of-the-box thinking”

    … should be retired. We can’t escape all the buzzword phrases, but ones like this have become boring.

    7. “You always…”

    Sweeping generalizations lack insight and get in the way of healthy dialogue. Be specific and avoid using vague blame tactics.

    8. “I think we should kind of do it this way.”

    Tentative language waters down your presence as a confident communicator. Make a solid recommendation and own it.

    9. “I hate to say this, but…” and “John is a good person, but…”

    Don’t try to disguise criticism with a layer of caring or say things that offer zero value.

    10. “Really?”

    It’s an all-purpose complaint that sounds like whining. Try making an interesting observation instead.

    If you want to have more credibility and influence, be uh, like, you know, more intentional in your communication. Replace negative tone and lackluster words with positive tone and authentic appreciative words. Each new day is an opportunity to inspire greatness, so say something real.


    Originally Written by : Lou Solomon
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    32 Funny Life Quotes That Will Make You ROFL


    Sometimes we have to see the funny side of life in order to keep going. With so much humor in the world, we’ve collected some hilarious life quotes from a wide range of famous writers, celebrities and thinkers from over the last couple of centuries and beyond.

    1. George Carlin on Planets and People

    “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” – George Carlin

    Carlin was well known for his non P.C approach to comedy and the way he used human error and the human condition as part of his routine. Here we have to consider the way we treat the planet as if it has infinite resources without considering the future of our race.

    2. Albert Einstein on Tidying up Your Desk

    “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – Albert Einstein

    Here is another great quote from a very clever man here. Einstein looked at the world and the way people perceive things very different from the average person. Indeed, a cluttered desk probably should hold connotations of somebody who is very busy as opposed to somebody who has a cluttered mind.

    3. Ellen DeGeneres on Accepting Who You Are

    “Accept who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer.” – Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen is famous for her quick wit and fantastic chat show. Here she’s putting out a blatant statement that tells us to accept ourselves, unless we’ve murdered a bunch of people. This is a fair statement and a reminder for us to abide by the law.

    4. Cathy Guisewite on Making the Most of What You’re Given

    “When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.” – Cathy Guisewite

    Life gives people lemons a lot of the time. This quote reminds us to let life’s obstacles pass us by and not to take anything to heart. It’s great when people can find the funny side of a bad situation in life and then share it with other people that are feeling low.

    5. Winston S Churchill on Lies and Truths

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – Winston S Churchill

    This is a fantastic quote from a fantastic leader. We all know how serious ‘Chinese Whispers’ can be, and it’s so true that lies often spread like wildfire while the truth can become seriously hard to find. Let’s consider this before we tell our next white lie.

    6. Jerry Seinfeld on the Conundrum of Failure as Success

    “If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success?” – Jerry Seinfeld

    This is an interesting question from a funny comedian. Failure always seems to be a topic when it comes to tragic comedy, and the world’s news seems to thrive on it rather than look for positivity. In the ‘self-help’ book culture world, this poses an interesting question.

    7. Lawrence Ferlinghetti Says Not to Be Too Open-Minded

    “If you’re too open-minded; your brains will fall out.” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    It’s true; people can really be too open minded. Gullibility allows people to be easily duped and literally believe everything that they hear. It’s good to be cynical sometimes and to ask for proof if you have any doubt over the truth in a statement.

    8. Rodney Dangerfield on Getting Info from Kids

    “What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about the butcher and my wife.” – Rodney Dangerfield

    This quote is a prime example of how honest and transparent children can be sometimes. Never trust a child with a secret, as they often allow things to slip out their mouths without thinking first. Sometimes this is for the best, but it can be dangerous.

    9. Will Rogers on Being Wise and Quiet

    “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” – Will Rogers

    This is an excellent quote about how sometimes silence can be golden. People can often find themselves talking too much and divulging too much information which they can later regret. So if we ever feel like we’re boring somebody, perhaps we should just zip it.

    10. Jim Cayrey Opines on Men and Women

    “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carey

    This is a great take on the old quote, ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’. It’s true though, women can really help to keep men on the straight and narrow and help them to have better habits leading to a more productive life, with a hit of sarcasm mixed in for good measure.

    11. Elbert Hubbard on Taking Life Less Seriously

    “Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

    Lots of people are guilty of taking life too seriously. Stressing over minor things, and getting worked up when they should just let things go. This can lead to lots of stress and can make people sick and ill. It’s good to remember to relax.

    12. Jarod Kintz on the Best Quality of People

    “You know what I like most about people? Pets.
    ” – Jarod Kintz

    This is not the only quote about life that declares love for animals over people. Considering that they don’t judge or argue with you, it’s interesting to think about the reasons people buy pets in the first place. Essentially they are there to be waited on hand and foot.

    13. Laurell K. Hamiltonn on Being Cautious Around Constant Smilers

    “Never trust people who smile constantly. They’re either selling something or not very bright.” – Laurell K. Hamilton

    People often seem to be wary of people who seem overly friendly or happy all the time. It seems in today’s world people are not allowed to smile a lot without invoking a hint of suspicion in others. This being said, smiles are infectious.

    14. Oliver Herford Thinks Women Change Their Mind a Lot

    “A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s: She changes it more often.” – Oliver Herford

    This quote is a cheeky dig at the indecisiveness associated with women in today’s society. It’s true… Women have been known to change their mind with a frequency that is unknown to men. But whether men have ‘cleaner’ minds is entirely up to you.

    15. Oscar Wilde on Resisting Temptation

    “I can resist everything exept temptation.” – Oscar Wilde

    Temptation is all around us all the time. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it can be impossible to resist. Diets fail, ambitions fade, and bad habits can be formed and kept unless we keep up strong willpower.

    16. Douglas Adams on How to Handle Deadlines

    “I love deadlines, I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams

    We’ve all been guilty of procrastination leading to missing or extending deadlines. It seems a human trait to continuously put things off until ‘tomorrow’. At least we’re not alone and even bestselling authors like Douglas Adams are guilty too.

    17. Winston S Churchilll on Drunkenness and Sobriety

    “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” – Winston S Churchill

    Churchill certainly wasn’t afraid to say what he was thinking. To think that the leader of England across two ‘World Wars’ would say this to a woman is a little frightening. Perhaps it’s his sternness and honestly that helped him to win the war for Britain on two occasions.

    18. William Goldman on Being Sold the Cure for Pain

    “Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.” – William Goldman

    Life can be a pain sometimes, but it’s definitely what you make of it. If people go through life with a negative attitude then they will surely attract negativity. However, those of us that are positive and proactive will reap the positive benefits of life.

    19. Raheel Farooq on the Ugliness of Truth

    “Ugly truths are the biggest source of indigestion in humans.” – Raheel Farooq

    This is an interesting quote as the truth can often hurt us as human beings. Sometimes things are better left unsaid, harmful words can really hurt other people. It’s a fact that stress can physically manifest itself within the body!

    20. Jack Handey on Getting Someone Else’s Perspective

    “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes.” – Jack Handey

    Walking a mile in anybody’s shoes could be difficult, imagine doing it in heels as a guy! On a serious note though, it’s too easy to judge a book by its cover and sometimes we must stop to consider the feelings of others before jumping to conclusions.

    21. Phyllis Diller Says It’s Better to Fight Than Make Up

    “Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.” – Phyllis Diller

    It’s always nice to go to bed with a clear conscience and a calm mind. Therefore there is definitely logic behind this quote. It makes sense to get all of the shouting and bawling out of the way before you go off to sleep.

    23. Groucho Marx on Man’s Best Friend

    “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho Marx

    It sure would be impossible to read if you were living inside of a dog. But of course, you wouldn’t be. It’s interesting to think how amazing books are and how lost one can get in the world that somebody else has imagined and created. Dogs are also fantastic pets to have with their obedience and affection.

    24. Robert A Heinlein Compares Men and Women to Dogs and Cats

    “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A Heinlein

    This a great quote… Women and cats do certainly share character traits in terms of their fierce independence and indifference when it comes to being told what to do. Men and dogs will have to sit back and relax because it’s unlikely that the habits of a lifetime will change.

    25. Terry Pratchett on the Danger of Keeping an Open Mind

    “The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” – Terry Pratchett

    Terry Pratchett was a great author and a fantastic thinker with a great imagination. People in today’s world will often try and pass off their opinions to you and make you believe things that are fabricated or exaggerated. It’s sensible to keep an open mind but close it at the right times.

    26. Charles Bukowski on the Joy of Going Crazy

    “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” – Charles Bukowski

    Bukowski was well known for his habitual alcoholism and his fierce writing style and criticism. It seems he lived his life in a whirlwind and did things exactly how he wanted to, despite the consequences. Some may say that he was a little crazy himself.

    27. George Carlin on Talking to Himself

    “The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” – George Carlin

    George Carlin was one of the most successful and outspoken comedians in U.S history. He was strongly opinionated and often came across as rude and crass. This quote is probably a true reflection of his mind set in terms of listening to others.

    28. Markus Herz Says It’s Dangerous to Read Health Books

    “Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you’ll die of a misprint.” – Markus Herz

    There seems to be a book for every type of human ailment these days. Constant reading of this type of literature can make people end up creating problems that they don’t really have in the first place. This is a very clever quote that sums up societies obsession with illness.

    29. Thomas Stephen Szasz Shares How to Make a Good Excuse

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but they make a good excuse.” – Thomas Stephen Szasz

    People often find themselves covering up one lie with another lie until eventually they become stuck. It’s much better to tell the truth from the outset sometimes and deal with the consequences before they spiral into something more severe.

    30. W C Fields on How Long to Try

    “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.” – W C Fields

    Some unwise words here from W.C Fields! Although if you consider it, sometimes it may be better to throw the towel in on a task if it is incredibly tedious and time consuming with very little to gain as an outcome of completing it. However, perseverance is a fantastic trait to have and can help to conquer many things in life.

    31. Woody Allen Believes Sex is the Answer

    “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” – Woody Allen

    Woody Allen is famous for writing movies around sexual relationships between men and women. He is undoubtedly obsessed with sex and relationships as he has clearly spent his entire life studying and writing about both of these topics. Sex can be the answer to many of life’s questions though.

    32. Albert Einstein Says Human Stupidity is Infinite

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

    Einstein was an incredibly smart man. He must have felt an air of superiority when he saw the blatant acts of selfishness and stupidity that humans make on a daily basis. He was so smart that he probably saw stupidity in things that we would consider normal.

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