5 Alternatives to Netflix and Chill

Whether you’ve been in a relationship with someone for what feels like forever, for a few months, or if you’re just starting out, deciding what to do with date night is never easy.

If it’s the first day, you want to break the ice and get to know a person whereas if you’ve been in a relationship for a while you want to continue to keep the magic, fun, and love alive. That’s not to say that one fun date is the deciding factor in the success of a relationship but even fifty years into a relationship, you want to be having fun and getting out of a repetitive routine. While dinner and a movie can be a wonderful night out, sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Going outside your comfort zone while having a good time can be hard, but it can easily help you in the process of getting to know someone better. Trying to plan new and fun dates is something you should do because of these days, date night typically constitutes “Netflix and Chill”.

While I do enjoy watching Netflix and being lazy, there isn’t much romance in the air during those times. So, I came up with five fresh and fun date ideas that both you and your significant other will love.




Prepare a meal and Enjoy a Picnic

Cooking together can be a fun, messy, and definitely an icebreaker. Deciding on a restaurant both people will enjoy is not always the easiest task, and this holds true at any stage of a relationship. Picking a simple meal that both people love is sometimes an easier decision. You can go the old school route and cook an old family recipe, or modernize it and discover new recipes by adding your own personal flair. Prepping the meal is definitely worth it for not only the experience but also because everyone loves home cooking.

After cooking a meal together, sitting in a park or at the beach is a great place to enjoy it. You can talk, eat, enjoy the fresh air, and everything is on your own time- no rush to order, finish, or leave a big tip! It’s definitely both relaxing and romantic to have a picnic date with your significant other.

Attend a Concert

When the warm weather starts up again, outdoor concerts do too. There are your typical concerts that cost a lot of money per ticket and then there are free outdoor concerts.

Many cities actually have summer concert series for free or for relatively cheap ticket prices. Spending a day out in the sun, enjoying local music is a fun date for every music lover! More likely than not, there will also be other events happening in the area that you and your date can discover along the way!

Paint Nite- or similar type of event

Not only in large cities, but in smaller towns there are events popping up like Paint Nite. If you are unfamiliar with what a Paint Nite, also known in some circles as Sip n Paint, is, it’s essentially an adult art class.

The entire class creates the same painting, led step by step by an instructor; while doing so, you drink alcohol. This is definitely not a traditional date. It’s modern, fun, creative, and obviously full of laughter and excitement. Adding in a couple drinks is sure to help you and your partner open up a bit more especially if this is a date in the beginning stages of a relationship (even if drinking is not your thing, attending an event like this is still a great date night).

Sports Game

Sports games are a great way to get out of your traditional date grind. The energy at a sports game is something that you can’t get anywhere else. I personally love going to baseball games- go Red Sox! Whatever sport you love, they all make great date options. Sports games bring people together and allow you to get out of your comfort zone.

Going to a game is great because you can still talk and have a great time while you enjoy live entertainment. The off-chance that the date isn’t going as well as planned, you can always just enjoy the game or if you’re lacking in the conversation department you can simply talk about the game and what’s going on around you. It’s a fun time and essentially a date lifesaver for those awkward moments.

A Weekend Getaway

This one is more for the people who have been together for a while but want to try something new. Unless you are totally comfortable spending a weekend with your new significant other, then you should probably hold off on the weekend getaway.

There are so many different types of weekend getaways you can take with your S.O.. You can go on a road trip, you can fly to a totally new destination, you can also go somewhere close to home. The sense of just escaping with the person you love for a little freedom and alone time is exhilarating in itself.

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